Love Letters - Happy Birthday!

I'm currently revisiting love letters and mementos from past relationships for another writing project I'm working on.   I've finally made it past most of the gut-wrenching feelings that they used to cause and I find them pretty interesting now. 

When I come across interesting ones I'm going to either type or scan them to share as part of a Love Letters series.  This first note is from a birthday card Dave gave me.  We had met just 8 weeks before and began our relationship 2 weeks after that.  We were madly in love by my birthday and I remember feeling like I had known him for years.

When I'm near a scanner I'll add a few pictures of the card, but for now enjoy the message.  The man (and his card) I had thought was so romantic and original was actually one giant cliche in hindsight.

Oh well!  It's still cute.  Enjoy!

Dear ------,

Happy 20th B-Day!  You really deserve the world today, bit I couldn't fit it inside the envelope.  I hope you get everything that you wish for, & that all your birthday dreams come true...

Also, I want to thank you for making the past two months of my life so special.  Before this trip began, I didn't even have you in my life, & now I truly can't imagine life without you.  We have already made so many amazing memories together, whether at world-famous locations, or just staying in together.

I know it's your birthday, but if you could give me a lifetime even half as sweet as what you've given me already, I'd be the happiest man alive. 

I love you!


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